[Q&A] Who has Shinies?



Post it here so we can worship you in some ways…

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What shinies do you have?
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Here ya go =)



Pathetic CP and IVs but… Having one is cool. :slight_smile:



80% on the IV’s, very thankful.


After 900 Magikarps caught after the event has started, nor I or anyone in our hunting group has obtained a Shiny Magikarp. Typical, right? :smiley:


I got 1 shiny magikarp in the water-event and 1 ouside it. But they have terrible CP & IV, so i didn’t evolve them yet.


Can you still find shiny magikarp now the water event has ended, didn’t have any luck back then and certainly still haven’t had any haha


Have 2 shinies. This one shown is completely maxed out, with the best defensive moveset.


You’re very lucky! And that’s an incredibly strong Gyarados, probably my favourite moveset :slight_smile:



I would actually love to have one much more than legendaries at this point xD I’m probably alone on that opinion :stuck_out_tongue: Jealous of the people here LMAO


Thanks! It was quite surprising when it spawned, during the first 1/2 hour of the water event. My friend caught the same mon but his was not shiny.

For the move set, I don’t know if there was any technical basis for it, but I evolved a string of fodder mon until I got 3 poor moveset in a row, then evolve the shiny. And it happened to be the double-dragon moveset.

(By the way, how does one become a Founding Member?)


nice, very lucky there! congratulations :slight_smile:

P.S. I think you may need more than a shiny to become a founding member :wink:


saw this today! Not mine though but first encounter of a shiny on real life for me

Just wanted to say that after catching almost 500 magikarp doing the event I did not and have not found a single shiny. I even went to a magikarp nest the other day and nothing. Also never seen a Gdos in real life.


wonder if we get anymore soon? its been a bit sparse in terms of communication by niantic


Got it by pure luck and a lot of grinding. Though the moveset sucks, still cool, not complaining.


The moveset actually will be both STAB when Mega arrives.


what you mean mega? sorry this is my first pokemon game^^