Friendship & Trading

This is the official area to discuss friendship and trading. Please keep all trainer codes in the Official Megathread. When you post please put your:


This is the official place to discuss quest, quest strategy, goal, rewards and news related to in game quests.

Gym Battles & Meta

Gym Battles are dedicated to sharing your Gym strategy, understanding the mechanics better and overall helping fellow Trainers to get more coin from their Gyms.

Community Challenges

This is a new category for community challenges and forum games.


Raids is intended to be one place to discuss everything related to Pokemon GO Raids. From Legendary to Magikarp Raids, everything goes. No Raid Pass required!

GoHub Articles

This category is for discussion of articles posted on the GoHub website.

Lavender Town

Lavender Town is a mysterious place where fellow Trainers come to chat about anything and everything. Little, to no moderation.

Generation IV

This category is available to discuss Pokémon GO Gen 4 speculation, meta, release and the Pokemon of Sinnoh.

Researchers, unite!

Researchers, unite! is a place for anyone interested in researching the beautiful world of Pokémon around us. We'll occasionally post research assignments and inquiries about your local area, spawns and biomes.

Generation III

Generation III category is for discussing all things Gen III related: abilities, Pokemon, meta changes, guides, etc...


Dedicated to speculation, wishful thinking and far reaching ideas. Current futurism: Pokémon GO Generation 4 release date.


Support is dedicated to helping other Trainers resolve their problems with devices, bugs, tools and more.

Help build the Hub

If you want, you can help us create content on the Hub by posting your guides, news and articles here. Usually, the requirement is to write at least 300 words per post.


This is where old posts and categories will be housed for reference.