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Anyone in Baltimore, Maryland we have a organized raid discord group 50+ people.

@JoshHack I guess you can change a Hidden Power Fast Attack. Why not.

Do you guys know if Flareon/Jolteon are soloable? There’s nobody near for those raids so I have to do it alone but don’t wanna lose a raid pass for nothing :confused:

@euge.1990 it is possible but only with very high level pokemon with super effective moves. If you had 6 high IV Rydon with MS/EQ and they were over 3000 CP each you might be able to do it.

@euge.1990 I’ve tried 3 times yesterday and didn’t succeed. See this topic: [Q&A] Who has Shinies?

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Thanks for the answer! Unfortunately my rhydons have 2000 CP or a lil more than that and I don’t have enough stardust to give them power. Also I always find those jolteon/Flareon raids when they already started long ago so I never find ppl when I arrive. I would love if Niantic added a pre lobby for those cases so I can know if there’s someone (even if it’s a spoofer :sweat_smile:) to get some help… Cos I’m always alone in most of the cases. Almost nobody play in my area or they’re spoofers. Sometimes you see ppl around but maybe they’re not interested in the raid and they don’t participate. So it would be good to see who are the ones participating.

I mean this topic: Raids: awesome awesome awesome. Share your experience with us!

Hey fam my blissey defended a gym for more than 3 days and she returned with only 50 coins? It doesnt make sense to me? Is that a bug? She returned only few hours after i installed the new update

Daily cap is 50 coins

That’s right. The daily coin cap is 50 coins, so after 8hrs and 20 minutes 50 coins are reached and you can hope the other Mons come back to you at any other day.

Thanks hmm not sure how i feel about this …

The same as for weeks, we don’t like it, but if we want to play Pokemon Go we have to live with it. You have all the right to protest, but I don’t think that Niantic is open to this type of protest.

My 7 year old daughter is my new teammate. She plays on an iPod touch that works on wifi. She had no Pokeballs when she went to sleep. Signed on to her account and she had 197 when she woke up.

Hoho, I would like that the same happens to me. or maybe you have to have only 7 years…

Well, I’m okay with the new coin system. I get much much more than back in the old gym system.

I said it, because of the effect when you have a Mon in a Gym and it doesn`'t come back home. For this reason I don’t like it, but it’s not bad

@bagguille i wouldnt protest :wink:

Is ultra box the best option you reckon? A lot of people go for it!

oh, I hadn’t seen then new boxes yet!