[Q&A] Who has Shinies?



this is nice man! i would love to trade for one when trading comes


My first, too. I learn everything pokemon from my son. lol

Mega evolution is introduced in Gen 6. Basically, it’s like a temporary, super-power-up form. It can have different types than the base mon. So, for Gyarados, Mega Gyarados will be a dual dark-water type, thus, making bite and hydropump both STAB.

You can read more about Mega here (many other sites cover it as well):


yoooo thanks for the info and replying :smiley: let me check it out^^


Got this shiny today on my son’s account:

CP and IV suck but who cares!


Don’t know how to put Picts but I got 1( about time ) there were 3 in 1 spot and the 1st two were ok 154 cp 136 or close to that and both were strong good iv’s tapped the 3rd and there is was a 80cp 55% shiney carp I was bummed but I still evolved it to get a 1388 shiney with bite outrage , it still works as good as my 95% kinda but I am great full for it I was feeling left out when I have caught over 2000 magikarp and no jackpots but I won the lottery I guess ! I signed out and my son caught 3 also but no shiney just a 88.9% magikarp man I was close .


Still none for me…probably caught 600+ since they were released and still nothing

I’ve tried everything, just unlucky I guess.


Got this on my birthday. Good present I guess.


Just got my 2nd one today it was by a wild gengar that ran , went to a raid at the pier in front of my house and there it was 27 cp but I still evolved it to 555 cp Ivs not great like 60% but I don’t care well time for a 3rd I guess maby better cp this time !!


Just caught shiney picachu in shady side md at my house


Congrats, I haven’t even seen a pikachu since the increased spawns wearing the ash hat, so my odds of getting a shiny are pretty low I think.


Cannot believe it 8 days later in same spot my house I caught a female now I have both male female what gives are shiny picachu rare or not !!


That’s been my experience.

My wife caught hers after her first solo raid and barely enough to evolve a regular Gyarados, perfect IV also.

It is just luck I’m afraid.


From what I could work out Shiny Magikarp was released in the game March 24 during the Water Event.
I started a count down to catch my Shiny Magikarp April 25.
From April 25 to today its’s been 143 Days and I’d caught 563 Magikarp with no Shiny.
Finally #564 end up being a Shiny.

I hope the Shiny Yellow Turd is found quicker :smirk:


Number 4946, Shiny number 8. That’s dedication👍🏻


Jiji, still I think you are mad… that’s not normal, that’s not special, that is mad. I’m still waiting for my first shiny…


I’ll sell you some luck, €9.99 an hour. PayPal me😂


Jajajajaja, NO, I don’t think that this is the solution… you will have more money, maybe I have a shiny… but I think it’s better I wait for my lucky moment…


Your time will come, especially considering all these new special events over Europe and the Hallowe’en event coming soon.


That’s what I hope… The problem is that you will gain as well. So I will catch something to advance my position, but you as well, so at the end you will be as far of me as ytou are in this moments…


There will always be those ahead of you, just like @Thorend is ahead of me.