[Q&A] Who has Shinies?



Yeah, and thinking well, there’s no problem with this. I enjoy to be here, I adore what @Thorend has made, and in between brackets I adore as well your work. I’m more back… well… but maybe I reach you. And the more important, I try to enjoy the game, to advance, and maybe one day complete the Pokedex and the Max-Level…


That’s everyone’s goal isn’t it? To be the very best.


My daughter got this one last night.

Colour difference


Can’t really tell without showing the dex but hatched this shiny Pichu.


My Daughter got her second Pikachu tonight.
I’ve caught over 80 of the little Yellow Turds for none and She’s caught half that many and has 2 :grimacing:


Hahahaha, that’s what happens to a lot of people… allways the lucky ones are the others… :joy_cat:


If only She was old enough to buy Lottery Tickets.
She got #3 last night and shes only caught roughly 50 all up since they were possible.
I’m up to 119 for 0 Shiny :confounded:


From Yokohama, JAPAN


I have my 49% iv shiny Gyarados:c


This game really takes the Piss sometimes, seriously.

What are the odds of catching 2 Shinys in a row, Yep one straight after the other?
My Daughter has 3 already. The Family went out Sunday night after diner to chase a few of the little Yellow Turds as the Wife and I have no Shiny Pikachu.
The 3rd one we get to the Wife goes is this a Shiny and shows the golden little Turd on her Phone. Shes happy so we go after another only 4 streets away and she goes your not going to believe this? Yep, another golden Pikachu.
I’ve caught more of the Yellow Turds than the Wife and Daughter combined. They have 5 Shiny and I have 0.


I only have one shiny (on my alternate account…).


I finally hatched my first Shiny and I’ve been playing since July last year. It was a Pichu and I almost transferred it to the professor before it prompted me that I was about to transfer a Shiny. I then starred it, evolved it into a Pikachu, and powered it up twice. Since I already have a ton of Raichu, I’ll just power this guy up every time I get Pikachu candy.


I just happened to do a Magikarp raid for the candy and xp, it turned out to be a 98% shiny and my first one too!


Far out. Good for you, disapoint for me. I’ve done between 45-50 (lost 8 days of data) Magikarp Raids now fo no Shiny. What’s even worse is best one has been 93% IV.
I’ve convinced myself when I do get one it will a 100%er. I’ll spew if it’s a crappy bottom end IV after all the Raid Passes I’ve wasted on these as the return of Goldies, TM’s and Rares has not been worth the time.


Caught my first one last night, a Duskull. I had to attempt 737 to do it, but it finally happened. Hoping to hunt Sableye tonight.


I have two shiny magicarp

I’ve been grinding like hell for a duskull, but no luck. I’ve only managed about 30 Sableye encounters so no luck there. Not sure why but sableye seems much rarer for me than a lot of people during the event. Now shuppet is apparently shiny too, so I’ll try that one too.

Not holding out much hope, but I still have a day or two left


Shiny Karp #3 on the way to work this morning.
Saw a Karp was in sightings at the Round About Pokestop (others may know this as a turning circle) while catching Gulpins at the Gym 50m before the Round About.
No car behind so I was going heaps slow, the Poke Stop became available but no Karp spawn appeared to quickly click on so instead of going straight like I normally do I made a split minute decision to turn the corner and it appeared. Quickly click on it and drove forward 100m to where I could park legally. Looked down at phone and it was a Shiny.
73% IV_135 CP
Stats since last Shiny.
77 Days
410 Magikarp Encounters
17 Raids

Had to make an edit above after consolidating 2 spread sheets. I never transferred some data over to the newer format.


My daughter has a Shiny Shuppet now to go along with her Shiny Magikarp. I still only have just a Shiny Pikachu.


Not my shinies, but saw this gym


Spent 3hrs on the push bike yesterday riding a bike/walking trail 10mins from home that’s littered with Gyms and Pokestops.
Got this as one of the last catches for the day before calling it quits.