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Yes. Both level 20.

caught my first shiny magikarp, yay :grin:

Congrats! @Hamster

Show it to us in the topic :smile:

thx :smile:

Any one here


I can’t answer where you have written the question, @Alrich11 To me the same, the Boss (a Bayleef) had 4500 CP, but after winning the fight, the Bayleef to catch as a price (the same Bayleef) has now 702 CP. Really nothing special, I have not used my Golden Razzberry…

When you. Bit the boss the cp of it goes down and it stops on what cp you will get

Is anyone here I have a question

If I see a magikarp on a raid battle does that mean it will be a shiny ?

i don’t wanna waste a raid battle pass just for a normal magikarp

not even close to guaranteed

it’ll have above average IV’s tho

Yea it wasn’t unfortunately a shiny but it was a decent 88 percent IV

Omg I cant wait for the raids to come for every lvl but Im wondering when are they gonna come out :weary:

25 is a pretty low level to be fair

Does anyone know if raids stop at 9pm?

Didnt the Hub tweet it was 10pm a few hours ago?..or did i make that up… :grinning: