Which Gen 5 (Unova) Pokemon are you looking forward to?



I’ve already written why Machamp’s position is threatened by Conkeldurr, but it does chiefly depend on the moveset.


I don’t think it will


If it gets the moveset Low Kick and Dynamic Punch, it will at least rival it.


Actually, Rampardos got Outrage and he can only learn it through a tutor
Soooo… Wing Attack/Sky Attack Archeops?




Niantic only really chooses STAB moves from tutoring if they have no other choice (i.e. Low Kick for Gallade). Any other move is purely up to their whims.

As for Archeops, sure, it is possible, but Rock Slide seems more likely as it can learn that move by leveling up. I’m more akin to believe it will be a stellar Rock-type attacker over a Flying-type, as I’m more suspicious it will get Aerial Ace over Sky Attack, since it can learn Aerial Ace via TM. In any event, it will still do well.


These 3 I look forward the most.

Unreleased Pokemon

Idk if kyurem gets glaciate as a fast move since it slows down the opponent and has low basepower and speaking of that are they going to make the kyurem-black/white fusions or how is it going to work? Also I have a tiny tidbit of hope they add some abilities to pokemon because of gen 5’s introduction to hidden abilities (main Pokemon series).
Anyway, here are some Pokemon that im hoping for-
Genesect (only weak to fire and nice movepool)
Landorus-t (earthquake, sky attack)
Victini (flamecharge-v-create spam?)


I think we can look at Giratina and Deoxys at how they’re going to handle Black Kyurem and White Kyurem. They will likely be separate releases in raids and will likely have differing movesets to compliment them. For instance, Black Kyurem could have an Electric-type Charge Move along with an Ice-type and Dragon-type Charge Move in its movepool, while White Kyurem could have a Fire-type Charge Move alongside the Ice-type and Dragon-type Charge Moves.

Because of this, it looks like Gen 5 may have the longest release schedule of all the generations since they already have 9 Legendaries, and four of them have alternate forms. It’s possible that while we’re still over half-way through Gen 5’s Legendary release schedule that Gen 6 will be released. Gen 6 has very few Legendaries (only 3) so it may help balance it out.