Legendaries of Unova



I’m expecting Raid Days of the Legendary Beasts this summer.


I am as well, honestly, but Niantic has surprised us before.


As they just did. 6 weeks of postponing Regigigas and GEN5.


Yup! Like I said, they might surprise us. I’m a little annoyed they decided to push back Regigigas, but hopefully that means he will be here by mid-July.


They might have a reason for pushing back regigigas release date, might end up seeing him at the end of summer


Well, like I said, the timing would be about correct. Have Regigigas close out the summer to buffer the release of Gen 5 in August or so, maybe have one more returning Legendary, but beyond that, it’s pushing it.

Which Gen 5 (Unova) Pokemon are you looking forward to?

When it comes to release dates, I speculate 10-11 months between major wave releases (Halloween doesn’t really count as it’s usually only a few Pokemon). In this case, all of Johto was released in February 2017. The first wave of 50 Pokemon from Hoenn was in early December 2017. The first major wave of 20+ Pokemon from Sinnoh was in October 2018. If that trend continues, we could be seeing an August release, but I can see it being pushed to September based on the events going on in the summer.

Wow, I more or less called it in that first paragraph. Now that we know that Unova is coming out in September, I can’t help but wonder when we will see the first Unova Legendary. Due to Regigigas still not out (earliest opportunity now is late-September) and with Halloween to follow, I can’t help but wonder if Unova Legendaries will be pushed into November. This schedule is looking a wee stretched now.


Or we could get Gigas in quests, that wouldve been amazing


I don’t see the point of that since it’s a Legendary, albeit one harder than usual to obtain in anything before ORAS. Still, this is Niantic we’re talking about. They still have the Sinnoh Mythicals left to get in, and I imagine that will start to crowd.

What would be rad is kicking off Unova with Victini Special Research, since it is technically the first Pokemon in the Unova Pokedex.


I mean the breakthrough
Victini wouldve been awesome.but Im giving them another 2 years


That’s quite optimistic–although I certainly hope so as well–but then again, Niantic really needs to start chugging out these Mythicals. I’m still wondering how they’re going to deal with the Phione/Manaphy pairing and the two forms of Shaymin.


Maybe the Manaphy quest will also reward you a 100km egg or something for Phione


Oh god, that would be both interesting and excruciating for a lot. XD


Welp, there goes my hope for Gigas being in the breakthrough, we get the same Mon that seems to have like 10% overall encounter rate instead
But yeah, 100km would take a looong time :rofl:


If you can put the 100km Egg in a Super Incubator it would not be a problem to me.


I imagine they wouldnt let that happen - bit Its still 67km


Yes it is, but it is still 33,3km less you have to walk. And you can still use the Infinite Incubator. But I doubt Niantic would make that happen as well.


It’s such a unique thing though that I’m interested to see what Niantic has planned. With Unova starting soon, they’d best start chugging them out, because Sinnoh was when Mythicals went a little ape.

Unova Legendaries I think are going to be quite difficult for me to get a great IV-one on since I’m working a lot more now so I only have opportunities early in the morning and towards the end of evening.


Movesets have been found as of today! Courtesy of GamePress!


  • Fire Fang, Dragon Breath
  • Overheat, Draco Meteor, Crunch, Stone Edge


  • Charge Beam, Dragon Breath
  • Wild Charge, Outrage, Flash Cannon, Crunch


  • Steel Wing, Dragon Breath
  • Icy Wind, Blizzard, Draco Meteor, Dragon Claw

Black Kyurem:

  • Shadow Claw, Dragon Breath
  • Outrage, Iron Head, Blizzard, Stone Edge

White Kyurem:

  • Steel Wing, Dragon Breath
  • Dragon Pulse, Blizzard, Ancient Power, Focus Blast


  • Metal Claw, Zen Headbutt
  • Close Combat, Iron Head, Stone Edge


  • Smack Down, Zen Headbutt
  • Rock Slide, Earthquake, Close Combat


  • Zen Headbutt, Quick Attack
  • Close Combat, Leaf Blade, Stone Edge

Tornadus (Incarnate and Therian):

  • Bite, Air Slash
  • Hurricane, Dark Pulse, Grass Knot, Hyper Beam

Thundurus (Incarnate and Therian):

  • Astonish, Thunder Shock
  • Thunder, Thunder Punch, Brick Break, Crunch

Landorus (Incarnate and Therian):

  • Rock Throw, Mud Shot
  • Earth Power, Focus Blast, Rock Slide, Focus Blast

More or less what I expected, but I was a little shocked with how Black and White Kyurem got treated. There’s not much to tell that they even got the features of Zekrom and Reshiram respectively by their moves. I expect the Therian and Incarnate forms of the Forces of Nature to get alternate moves like Giratina did.


Cant wait to get my hands on the Tao trio, likely going off after M2