Which Gen 5 (Unova) Pokemon are you looking forward to?



While it does say that Durant fights against Heatmor in more than one of the PokeDex entries, it is mainly out of survival as opposed to rivalries. Either way, it’s an arbitrary point since it’s likely it will still count towards regional exclusivity.


True, I shouldn’t have said exactly a like, I meant more in the sense of they’re bitter rivals etc. but like @Arem1771 said it’s still a rivalry so they’ll probably spilt them up.


In gen 7 komala for australia


That’s not for quite some time, so let’s focus on Gen 5.


Srry for the caps. Excitement :stuck_out_tongue:

They just added Hidden power to its movepool. To bad my best one got it with ground typing (doesnt look like you can change the type at the moment) but still. Theres hope.


It seems we have quite a move shakeup going on, but the sad part is that Hidden Power is completely dependent on the Pokemon, so it’s fixed.


Better than dependent on the IVs imo


In a sense, yes.

Honestly, as far as Gen 5 is concerned, I’m really itching to do the raids against the Legendaries because I have LOADS of Pokemon to test against them.


For one, they have unique typings, and for two, they are actually pretty good in battle (assuming they dont get terrible movesets)


I did an analysis on the possible movesets that many of the Legendaries will have, and the only ones that really concern me are Kyurem (lack of fast Ice-type move) and the Swords of Justice (lack of fast Fighting-type moves) with Virizion of particular concern as it doesn’t learn ANY Fast-type move of either Grass or Fighting. I only found Take Down or Zen Headbutt as an option. If Magical Leaf became a Fast move, then at least it has something.

All the others seem covered well enough, although Reshiram is cutting it close with knowing only Fire Fang as a Fast Move.


It would need to learn precipice blades to outclass groudon with MS/EQ


So… EQDon beats it?




Shame, still going to use him though


Excadrill is still going to be a great Pokemon, just by stats alone, and I’ve already predicted which movesets its likely to get. I plan on using it a Steel-type attacker and hope that it has great moves to go with it. I already have a lot of Ground-type attackers, and I need more Steel.


Post a picture of that what is it


Excadrill? It’s in my post at the very beginning of the thread. Second one.


Glad I havent powered-up any Fire Pokemon so far, saving dust for only the best of the best


Okay I know you’re talkin about now and no one will take down Machamp


Conkeldurr will