Which Gen 5 (Unova) Pokemon are you looking forward to?



Gamepress has all the adjusted values


I had to really scour GamePress to find it–it would have been nice of you to provide a link to somewhere in GamePress that had them listed–but this is very helpful.

For those curious, I found them here, but they’re in reverse Pokedex order: https://pokemongo.gamepress.gg/max-cp



In the right order, but its missing Thundurus-T, which has stats in their Top 10 Gen 5 Pokemon for raiding article


It will be fun for me. I don’t know any Gen 5 Pokémon and I don’t think my son has any games from it either.


I know all of the 809+ Mons but I think it’ll still be exciting to see all the familiar faces and get some beasts


The movesets for Pokemon have been revealed and we have some new meta-shakers…and some flops.

The Meta-shakers (includes new kings and new runner-ups):

  • Meloetta (both formes): New King of the Normal-types with Quick Attack and Hyper Beam
  • Conkeldurr: New King of the Fighting-types with Counter and Dynamic Punch
  • Chandelure: Second in DPS to Gengar with much higher TDO against Psychic-types. Third in Fire-type attack as well
  • Zoroark: Second overall DPS in Dark-type attack but with low TDO.
  • Hydreigon: Fifth overall in DPS in Dark-type attack, but second overall in TDO.
  • Volcarona: New king of the Bug-types in every category (requires 400 Candy to evolve as a note). Fifth in Fire-type attack even with ideal moveset.
  • Genesect: Second to Volcarona, which is fairly impressive. Replaces Scizor. Fourth in Steel-type attack.
  • Zekrom: New king of the Electric-types by far.
  • Landorus (both formes): King of the Ground-types. Ideal Moveset all around, beats out Groudon AND Excadrill. Groudon still have slightly higher TDO.
  • Excadrill: Second only to Landorus, but much weaker TDO. Third in Steel-type attack to MM-Metagross and Dialga.
  • Terrakion: While still outpaced by Rampardos, its bulk makes it a great solid second place.
  • Reshiram: King of the Fire-types in all categories! Doesn’t even place in Dragon-types though
  • Black Kyurem: New king of the Dragon-types! Has the DPS and TDO!!

The biggest flops:

  • Tornadus (both formes): Moveset hinders it from placing high in Flying types. Beat out by Unfezant.
  • Thundurus (both formes): Lack of Wild Charge or Thunderbolt sunk Thundurus. Surpassed Zapdos, but Raikou beats it.
  • Archeops: Royally screwed! No double Rock or Flying movesets at all.
  • Krookodile: Despite having better than expected movesets, there are too many better options in both typings.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Gigalith: Bulky Rock Slide user
  • Darmanitan: Fourth in Fire-type DPS, but a glass cannon
  • Haxorus: Sixth overall Dragon-type attacker, has too much stiff competition

The biggest shake-up has interestingly enough been in the Fire-types, as FOUR Unova Pokemon took over the top 5.


Archeops is my favorite fossil. I had high hopes for it. :frowning:


It seems they really wanted to give it the Defeatist ability, but holy dang…


I dont understand that decision - Archeops wouldnt become OP anyway so why bother using its ability against him?


It would have been the dominant Flying-type attacker for the foreseeable future with Sky Attack, and it would have been a nice second-place to Rampardos only with increased effectiveness as its resistant to Ground-type moves in addition to being slightly more tanky.

They made sure that it would remain insignificant since Defeatist in the main games was extremely crippling.


If they wanted to try and stay true to the main games, why not cripple Kingler? Its garbage in the games too
This approach sucks, “this Mon isnt broken but it couldve been strong in the main games without its ability so we’ll give it a trash moveset to not have a flying-type version of Rampardos”
I really dont understand them sometimes


They did the same to Slaking and Regigigas, so it’s not that hard to imagine.


Both of these got ridiculous CP values so it made sense for them to obey the ability in these cases
Archeops didnt and it wouldnt become an insanely broken Mon with ridiculous offense AND defense
If they let Kyurem pass, they shouldve let this one pass too, no matter the ability
Or else they should double Azumarill and Medicham’s attack stats


Archeops has a max CP of 3331, which is very high. Sure, it may not be ridiculous, but it’s comparable to many Legendaries.

In the end, I’m surprised they let Kyurem pass, but it’s probably to conserve how powerful Kyurem was when bonded with Reshiram or Zekrom. Kyurem was going to be relatively mediocre otherwise, and it is.

And they shouldn’t do anything, especially make special exceptions for Pokemon that are under-leveled. Niantic is accountable to Nintendo for their properties, and probably has to clear every decision with the Pokemon Company. Otherwise, they could just give any Pokemon the moves and stats to whatever without accountability. I’m quite sure there’s a process that has to be followed here, and to conserve the Pokemon’s behavior in the main games, some sacrifices were made.

I get that what happened to Archeops sucks Poke Balls, but this isn’t something that hasn’t happened before, so I don’t see the monumental surprise here. Many Pokemon got nerfed due to their movesets outside the examples I’ve listed. Is it disappointing? Yes. Is it unexpected? You’d be a damn fool if you think so. All we can do is hope Niantic will alter the moves as we get to try the Pokemon out. They’ve done it before with Aerodactyl being virtually useless, and now it’s a great Rock-type attacker. Let’s be patient, and if it doesn’t happen, we move on.


Isnt Giratina-A like the only one that maxes around that?
Yes, they shouldnt make exceptions for no reason - Slaking and Regigigas wouldve been juggernauts so it makes sense to use their ability against them, but suddenly deciding to follow the ability in a regular Mon that wouldnt be broken is just stupid

Im not surprised, just disappointed that they decided to nerf a great Mon for its ability when they dont care about these 99% of the time

Im definitely maxing out many of the new Mons (once I get thr stardust to do so)


The Regis, Articuno, Suicune, Cobalion and Virizion to name a few.


I meant out of the major legendaries, these are only legendary by name and not strength


And i can get it right now if i please.


Waste of Rare Candy