What Spawned? 🤔


Nice! I’m downright green with envy.



Normally I’d be happy with these spawns but I need water type now.


Now I need electric types, so I get these…


There does seem to be a non-random factor to what spawns, almost as if the game first checks what you need and then makes that the last thing you find…

That contrasts sharply with the much-rarer experience of having a new event begin that involves new quests, and suddenly seeing the 2 or 3 spawns you need, immediately followed by 3 or 4 eggs suddenly hatching, almost in sync, to set you up to start the new event. (after searching in van for over a week for those things, they all suddenly come together in a head-shaker. I think I’ve only had that happen twice, while the sudden scarcity of something as soon as you need it seems to happen kind of often)


Three of my last 5 spawns at home (Diglett, Stunky, and Shieldon) have 93 IV – a fair bit better than normal.


I don’t even have dwebble


It was his Buddy Pokémon. :wink:





I honestly really loved these spawns. I wish Niantic kept these many spawns. Also, apparently Lunatone can be Incensed in the middle of the day. :rofl:




Were these spawns during an event?


Yes. These spawns were from the Genesect Themed Event.


Did you buy the ticket?


No, I didn’t.


I have done so


Great! Did you get similar spawns to @Jormdeworm, less, or more?


Should be similar.