What Spawned? πŸ€”


Say @Pokemon that you caught or found recently. :grin::grin:


I found Blissey out of nowhere :grin:

Haha, its bad, but whatever. ITS BLISSEY! Thx goes to @Branebs for this as I was on the game to see his profile, only :blush:.


I encountered a wild Blissey a long time ago, still keep her a collectible, did you pinap yours?

I encountered a wild houdoom and put it in gym


No, I golden razzed it :grin:


Well yesterday I caught a Lapras


Awesome thats the best pokemon.


I found a Hariyama today.


A weedle


A Jormdeweedle?


I caught the Legendary Pidgey


Yo those are so rare that i have only caught like 500.


After this weekend, how long do you suppose it’ll be before we see any more wild Eevees spawning?


I saw one like two minutes after the CD on Sunday.


They will always be spawning.


I hope so – and that the shinies won’t be rare enough to seem nonexistent.
I had an eevee in my sights as 1:59 became 2:00 on Sunday, at which time it promptly disappeared and gave me an error message. That was the last one I’ve encountered since the weekend. And I don’t think I’ve even SEEN a mareep (neither in the wild nor in a gym) since its CD event…


I saw mareep, larvitar, squirtle, charmander, pikachu, and bulbasaur during the CD along with eevee. @vorgriff3


Not bad. Congrats.


Well larvitar was off incense :joy:


I saw a weather boosted wild Eevee right after Sat. CD.


I’ve never seen wild Mareep before and after the CD. I’ve only hatched a few and I got a few via research tasks.