What Spawned? 🤔


This spawned at the closest spawn point to my house! :facepunch: The spawn point is just out of reach from my house…




The drag-act fled :disappointed: and it wasn’t snowing when yellow-snow Ninetales showed up. :man_shrugging:





Take down the gym!


I had already taken an other Gym from them, which was just out of the picture and I don’t like to kick every Pokémon out of a Gym at the same day. :slightly_smiling_face:


That sure is nice of you :blush:


:musical_score:Lost in a forest… all alone​:musical_score: :grin:



Very nice, but it’s a joke or really they have put it in the wild? :joy::joy:


Don’t really want to catch that one.


Oh, in PoGo I would like it, it has a better design than much of the others.


I do like to catch it. 2 weeks of payed leave without it costing any of my free days. :grin:

No just joking. Not afraid though. If it happens, it happens. There is so much hysteria. Totally unnecessary. Because of that I can appreciate jokes like the Corona Pokemon.


The Devil’s Tapir & Satan’s Street Entertainer :grinning:


Rhyperior was about to crush Blissey but I was fast enough to catch her😃 Her CP and IV were laughable though…


It seems she is not fast enough to run away from the rocker :sweat_smile:


Nice! Those (female combees) are so rare around here.

That screen must have been from the recent Gible event. Otherwise catching two Gabites just 4 minutes apart would be phenomenally good fortune.


The screen shot was made during the Sinnoh Event from last month, indeed.


This caught my eye by the CP meter being pegged all the way to the left. I don’t recall getting a Level 1 Pokémon before (I certainly don’t recall noticing it before, anyway).

The GoHub reference page for Taillow says that a hundo Level 1 has 10 CP. This Level 1 has 10 CP, but only 58 IV… Too crappy to exist organically, else it would have a CP below 10. That’s almost crappier than a 0 IV spawn. Neat, lol.