What Spawned? 🤔


I’ll be playing pokemon go a lot more now, just finished finals on friday :grinning: I’ll share some catches in like 1 hour after I arrive at a muesuem.


Ohhhhh. Thanks for explaining. And reminding me of one more aspect of buddy-adventure that I found distracting.


To be honest, I chose a Shiny just to make sure I do not constantly tap on it, thinking it spawned. :sweat_smile:


Got one too


Another Gyarados spawned in my house! This time I caught it! :smiley:


Seriously. :expressionless:


The more serious looking lowlevel Gyarados I’ve seen in all time… :laughing::laughing:


I caught this high CP weather boosted Gyarados today. Unfortunately, its IVs are bad.


Cought this one yesterday for a friend. I borrowed her account to get my coins, cause nobody wanted to help me with that.


Wow, and here I am with no gyrados nearby for the past few days, hoever I did get a venipede :):wink:


All 3 Sinnoh starters spawned in my house! This feels like the beginning of the game when you choose your starter Pokemon.


I found a wild Gible. Forgot to screenshot it, apparently. And Shieldon.


Lucky you! I still don’t have Gible, waiting for the silhouette to appear on my radar.


I was lucky to play with a friend who didn’t have Gible, so when he saw the Shadow in his Radar we immediately went for it.




Not much variety during the Sinnoh event…:see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil::monkey:


A Female Combee!


Devil monkey


My first wild Dragonite spawn! :star_struck: :trophy: :tada:


First Clone pikachu try