What Spawned? 🤔


Easy way to get 20 Oddish candies.


I love the spawns from this evolution event! I finally got all Burmy forms. I also love that I can catch rarer Pokemon and second stage evolutions in the wild.


I definitely agree with you on that. This is definitely one of the best events we’ve had, in my opinion at least.


The 2nd stage evolution like Haunter, Dragonair, Lairon are great catches for dust and candy for Dragonair, but the tasks are meh



I see a lot of starters lately


What spawned? Land Shark!


Lucky you! I still don’t have it. They don’t spawn here and 10km eggs have become rare. :disappointed:


It was the first ever wild Gible I’ve sound, too. Besides the one I couldn’t get the day after Gible got released.


I’m at Disney in Orlando.
Just got Carnivine



Yesterday, I found a Gible, but today was Deion’s turn. However, this Deino left me with a sad story. :confounded:




Next year’s Halloween costume… “Antichrist Pikachu” :smiling_imp::ghost:


Gyarados spawned in my house! I used a golden razz berry and an ultra ball, but it ran away. :cry:



Wow!!! You caught them all?


As remarkable as a wild Vaporeon and Chansey might be, what grabs my attention is that your display appears to show a shiny Sandshrew!! (And the shiny/no-shiny status is not supposed to show in that view.)


That Sandshrew was my Buddy Pokémon when I took the screen shot. :wink:


Yes, I did🙂