What Spawned? 🤔







This is the first time ever I see a wild Weezing, but I’m not going to it as there appears to be a Weezing Raid hour right after Community Day.


Fully-evolved Hippowotsit at the watering-hole…


A Tentacool!


Yet another lumineon


I started to think Niantic has made evolutions more common.


Well, somewhat often there are rare water Pokemon in this body of water. Gyarados, dragonairs, blastoise, lumineon, lapras.


I want a Water-type Dragonair lol


I only saw one wild Lumineon since it’s been released


Me too, and I couldn’t go to it.




Why are these things spawning here because I barely ever see them?


My bad. I didn’t do my research but they are part of Friendship Event.


YEAH! So many nearby and spawning for me, I thought it was the rain


After encountering dozens of totally-worthless male drone Combees since it was first released, I saw my first female Combee ever last night (and happily captured it for both accounts). Then I saw my second ever this morning (caught it, too).

Are these somehow part of the friendship frenzy, too?


Yes, Combee is also boosted in this event.


Yeah, took me 12 to get one female, while my dads first one was female… :sob::joy: