What Spawned? 🤔


I just want to post mine but site Won’t let me because file is too big


He should not sleep there,thats not safe!:joy:


Crop the photo a bit


why wont snorlax spawn for me


Thanks to this event, so far 33 Snorlax are caught since it started, the best are one weather boosted level 35 CP2900+ and another one with 96% IV, CP 2100+



My best so far is 82% Snorlax


I was clearly speaking so loud I woke Snorlax up :rofl:


I can’t find a snorlax, and whenever i reach a stop to get one it dissapears


I caught almost 50 last 2 days


55 caught since event started, encounter less Snorlax than yesterday


I caught a bunch this morning but tonight I was gym sweeping


I have that happening constantly. All spawns disappear. Just wait. It will reappear.


This is just my third. All males… But the first good one.


Why do the females always have such low CP?


So you can pinap easy


It’s not that. For my dad and I, we never saw one nearby after day one


Didn’t track all that spawned last night. Some highlight though:

3 Combee (2 male, 1 female … but the female was garbage)
3 Piplup (Glacier Lure)


Quite some rare Pokémon this morning. They spawned in this order: Scyther-Shieldon-Paras/Ditto-Nidoran F.-Buneary-Shellos-Sableye-Bidoof-Rattata-Glameow-Weepinbell-Plusle-Combee-Eevee-Whismur-Fearow-Zigzagoon-Alolan Rattata-Meowth-Snover-Cloyster-Sentret-Whismur-Shellos-Aron-Magnemite-Poliwag-Chinchou-Tentacool-Roselia.

Also quite a variation of Pokémon with Shellos and Whismur being the only double spawns.