What Spawned? 🤔


No, my entire neighborhood is just crawling with Nosepass, Shuppett, and Numel on a near nightly basis. Kinda frustrating sometimes. lol


It takes you some balls to catch those Nosepass


It does, but I feel like I have to in order to re-set the spawn. That and I had a Star Piece on at all times, so I just looked at it as extra dust. lol

Luckily, I have plenty of Pokeballs.


Finally a male. This hippo is rare. The only 2 spawns I saw were on the beach and female. This one was in a playground near my house.

This one is from a task yesterday.


Caught 3 Shellos today.


I got 1




Caught 4 so far already, there are two things I observed:

1 These snoozing Snorlax seem to always pop out from the first two balls even I used ultra and threw excellent in a low cp one

2 Pinap does not always give you double candy on catching these snoozing Snorlax


Is that a wild one?


Caught 16 snorlax at nearby strip mall. All jumped out of the first 2 throws no matter which berry or ball. Even on excellent throws. All were caught on the third no matter anything. Giving it another pinap or other after first one gave an error. Most of not all gave 6 candy but I used pinaps the whole time so I’m not sure if that’s normal.


Yeah only caught 2 so far low cp tho, both took a couple throws to catch


Two more things about the snoozing Snorlax that I observed so far:

3 The snoozing Snorlax pops out after two balls, but the ball count in inventory does not decrease

4 Even for CP 2000+ snoozing Snorlax, the catch circle is still green, you can still be able to catch it with a regular pokeball on a third throw on it



Caught 4 so far. All 4 are male.
Using a berry only works once, always caught on the 3th throw. No now I just berry on the 3th throw and just use a Pokéball.


7 so far today


Like a regular Star Wars bar scene there! The dense-spawning places are such a blast; talk about ‘target-rich environments’…


Just caught this lazy guy laying on the sidewalk.


10 so far for me


I’m up to 9, but just doing AR photos in funny places.


I got 38 today… and oddly, amongst the seething morass of snoozers was this fully alert ordinary spawn (yes it does have ‘Yawn’) :man_shrugging: