What Spawned? 🤔


A couple Shellos spawned at work tonight. A Hippopotas spawned on the way home. :smiley:


Go Team Rocket!


Snorlax still spawns asleep.


Does your area usually have such great variety of Pokémon spawn without event time?


Yes. Even though most of the Pokémon are Normal-, Rock- and Water-types, I see almost every type almost every day.


Two random Aerodactyl


Forgot to post this from Thursday. Only 2nd one I’ve seen in the wild.


I have seen so many…


Me too.


@bobbyjack8 I got one, too. They are rare here.


They are not that rare here.


I had to go to other city to find my first Girafarig.


One of mine came from a trade.


I have caught 24 seen 25, no trades.
Also, a Shuckle and a Kabuto spawned.


Shuckle spawns regularly here during the event.


This morning’s spawns:

Anorith-Jigglypuff-Zigzagoon-Natu-Eevee-Skitty-Ledyba-Wobbuffet-Mantine-Sableye-Sunkern-Meowth-Meowth-Zigzagoon-Castform (normal)-Alolan Rattata-Rattata-Rattata-Gulpin-Snover-Plusle-Magikarp-Skitty-Cherrim-Misdreavus-Shellos-Skitty-Gulpin-Teddiursa-Buneary-Turtwig-Eevee


Also, Kanto Geodude is finally back :grinning:


What are all these strange spawns right now? Until when do they last?


I’m still getting Geodude spawns since Adventure Week ended.


Yesterday, before the migration I had only the alola form, now only the Kanto form.

@Jormdeworm Yesterday 22:00 our time there was a migration. Next is in about 13 days. Maybe an event would change the spawns.