What is the weather like in your area?


It is pouring rain here. Streams of water running over the road. Stuck in my car ATM. Not want to get soaking wet or slip on my crutches…


Not me lol. Returned home without a drop of water on my way


Between the downpours it was dry, luckily. :grin:


Sunny and humid at the moment :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


It is dry after a wet night.


It’s been crazy here in inland San Diego. 85-92 at day, 48-55 at night. Such a huge swing!


Really windy here. Just cut dog walk short


Totally unexpected, but after the rain stopped there was some sunshine.


Hail. And rain. But mostly hail


The weather service said fully clouded and some shower… It has been raining over an hour(before that I don’t know I was sleeping)



This has Wednesday As 38 but for the last 5 days all radio reports are saying 40-42.
Either way it will be stinking hot. No nest farming before work as ph will last all of 19-20min before shutting down.


It’s starting to cool down a bit now. 2hrs ago it was at its hottest. Very strong North Winds reminds me of condition 4yrs ago a month later when my mate was only left with the cloths on his back after a massive bushfire went through the farm. My Muscle Car was stored out there and that was lost also.


It’s been raining for 24 hours straight here in sunny San Diego. lol

It’s finally going to be in the 70s (F) tomorrow, but it’s been in the 60s for days now. It’s gotten down in the mid-40s overnight.

Folks, that is what “winter” is like here in SoCal. :rofl:


For me it is same story for last 4 weeks:
With the tiny difference today that real feel showed as -1 in the evening…
So… having sunset 40 min before leaving work - the poke-walk is damn wet/cold and dark…
Still… I prefer this than 38 :smile:
And I am happy with myself that I manage to do 50km every week.


@HLAJR are you safe there?


Until now I thought I know something about Geography.
But this image gives me no clue where on this planet has been taken this foto.
Or is it from another planet?


You think Pokemons are invading Jupiter as well? :wink:
I was complaining earlier about damn rains… I was right - yesterday I read this in our local news:
Second wettest autumn in recorded history. The combined total of rainfall for September, October and November was 471.2mm, just 4.8mm short of the 1929 figure.


Looking to the shapes I’d should say these are the Philippenes


Yup, I was going to say Philippines.