What is the weather like in your area?


For the ideal weather in your area, put in the City, Province/State, Country, Example: I live in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada and the weather is usually Partly Cloudy and Sunny, wind and fog doesnt usually happen in Surrey.


Raining right now


Like what’s the usual weather, is it most often sunny, like that


Snow, rain. pokemon dont wanna come out and i dont blame them.


Cool, where u live


Canada :canada:


Get lots of windy days here. I’m in the Shannondoah Valley.


Sunny.The netherlands


The entire LA is on fire with 40mph winds and high humidity. The entire air is filled with smoke and its hard to breathe.

Hazardous Weather.
LA, California, USA, North America, Earth.

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Kind of doesnt surprise me.
Tomorrow it Will be rainy during CD : (


Always sunny here but tommorow it might be different.

Hopefully my CD location isnt burned down by then

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Even on the dutch news


Lol almost the same but only I’m in Northern California.
Sunny/partly cloudy most of the time. Currently partly cloudy with hazardous weather warning due to the fire


Your in danger? Lol you are pretty far I’d say


Yeah the paradise fire is about 50 miles away,l. But still get the hazardous weather warning in Go


For the wind right? @Ryan21


Yeah and all the smoke, it depends on where you go in the Sacramento area, yesterday the certain areas had the warning and other areas didn’t :man_shrugging:t3:


Everyone is evacuated here

I have about 20 family members in my house


Yeah I have some friends from college who had to help evacuate their families, heard it was pretty bad down there. But that’s getting off topic


Well were talking about weather its not that bad but lets call it a day