What is the weather like in your area?


Stay safe bro. Cali fires arent cool at all, my sister lives out there.


Take care.


Rainy here last 2 days. I’m throwing the pumpkins out on Sunday when I go back to work and they are all full of water.


Rainy and sunny here I live in Singapore :singapore:






What about unlucky😖


Well I mean I love the rain and overcast weather sooo. But I mean if that’s not your type of weather then yeah unlucky


I do not hate the rain, but when the rain drops drop on my phone, my phone reacts to the water, which means I can’t throw Pokéballs normally.


True, I normally don’t walk around playing POGO when it rains. I’ll just sit at a Starbucks or inside somewhere and catch whatever I can find


It only rained for about 4 days since the game came out where I live.

If it rains, it rains at night.

Never had snowy weather in game or real life and foggy was a glitch and only once.


Below freezing with snow on the ground.


:astonished: Your so close, and we are 90 defrees above you , hihi…


A long, long time ago when we had here a temperature below 15 degrees Celcius




Its snowing in michigan, usa right now


Bipolar at the moment is kinda windy and cold


Maximum temperatures are lowering to 9 Celsius on monday next week.


Friday was a Sunny day with some cold strong winds. Yesterday, the event was a rainy and lightning day. Walking around when the rain stopped and had luck to be on a porch when the rain and lightning where back. Still got 4 shiny and a good one.
Today is raining but no strong winds or lightning. Tuesday will be sunny and temperature will be back to 18 celsius.

Lisboa-Portugal- Western Europe.


I only like snow as a weather in Pokemon go. Not in real life.