What is the weather like in your area?


Cloudy here today and it’s actually supposed to rain tomorrow. It’s been in the upper 60s/lower 70s (F) during the day, but in the 40s overnight.

San Diego, California, USA.


@Brobraam, are you in the Netherlands? Snowing hard there?


He is in the Netherlands.
I am answering this because he is sleeping :sleeping_bed:.


Not yet but it is really cold. Freezing in the morning

(I always think it is cold, by the way)

[edit] actually, yesterday it was snoeiing. It is what we call (literally translated) “wet snow”, when it snows but when it touches the ground it instantly melts and becomes water


The ground is still above 0 degree Celsius so it instantly melt the snow


Most often it is sunny here, but head to the very coast itself and windy weather is common in the afternoon of a summer day.

Mid north coast nsw Australia.

Fog only happens very early on winter mornings, never get snow. Closest thing we get to snow is hail, 1 time it was a foot deep of hail.

The weather in game doesn’t often truly reflect the actual weather.


It’s so hoooooooot!

                        -Said no Canadian ever


Earlier it was 30 F, now it’s 20 F.




i wish, i done froze my hand today



My weather was rainy yesterday and a buizel spawned.
But it was anything but rainy in real life.


What? A Buizel spawned? I only continue to see Magnemite during rainy weather


And I caught it for me and my dad :sweat_smile:


Nice, that’s rare spawn and even its raid is uncommon


Me and son got our first one tonight.


Like me and my dad :joy:


It is getting like hell for me tomorrow.

yellow indicates snow



Almost here. :crazy_face: