What is the weather like in your area?


It’s the Philippines. Cat3 or 4 hurricane There


He seems to be fine…:grinning:


I just imagined Houndour flying around taken by the tornado and HLAJR catching him with some net :smiley:


Bit warm here at the moment. The day before not showing was also above 40.
Play time is restricted to indoors in under air conditioning or after the sun has gone down.



foggy and cold af here in Transylvania


It’s been cloudy nearly every day for a month around SF, with intermittent / scattered showers about half the days. While it’s made it difficult and uncomfortable to play outdoors, it’s meant most of the Terrakion raids were weather-boosted. So far it seems to be the same for Virizion.


2:35am and it’s still 36C

It’s tipped that it could reach as high as 50C in the Riverland 2hrs from where I live now which is where I grew up in my teenage years.



10:30am and we are into 40C already.
Start work at 2pm when it’s getting to it’s hottest for the day.
At the moment it’s a dry heat. The cool change and possible thunder storms are expected late this afternoon so the humidity is going to go through the roof.




snow, snow, some more snow…