What is the weather like in your area?


As long as you drink enough you’ll manage


Kind of hard to play Pokémon Go when hands are dripping with sweat.

Then again, cell phones tend to overheat and shut themselves off when they’re used under such hot conditions.


1 liter an hour minimum.


My screen got somewhat unresponsive. But had no time to play anyway.


@vorgriff3 For $1500 you can get a personal cooling system with a battery pack That’s rechargeable


Heh, now yer talkin’! Then again, for $1500 I could start a third trainer and get a phone and data connection to bring him up to speed, plus enough premium raid passes to get him up to speed pretty quickly… Choices, choices…


I look outside, and it seems to be fairly sunny on this morning in the car (driving near Paris)


Again? :rofl: I lost count :joy::rofl::joy:
Here it is cloudy but the sun still shows.


I’m almost confused that I didn’t meet @Brobraam in Paris a few weeks ago.


It is pretty sunny here in Disneyland Paris lol




Currently: BIZAR!!! :exploding_head:

I see the stars, just a little bit of moisture in the air. I see lightning an hear the thunder…
(The picture s below are from shortly before I saw the lighting)



gettin a lot darn colder




Getting a lot darn hotter


Gray and wet. :sob:



rain and thunder