What is the weather like in your area?



Lapras ruined it all lol supposed to be sunny today but…Rain_Dance_III


The rain seems to be letting up finally here, but we’re fully in the heat of summer now. ^^;



We’ll be having yet another heat wave with extreme trmperatures


It Will be 102 * F today…
Comparing to Florida, it Will be “only” 30 degrees Celsius there today (Lake Buena Vista)


A week ago it was 90.


I’m in the white coloured area. Official new heat record in the Netherlands


Our heatwave from last week moved across the Atlantic.


Wow! It’s even less heat here in the south of France at the moment!


And this winter we were colder in Chicago than Antarctica.


It’s been awesome the past few days we Had a cold front come through the high for the past few days has been 91 it feels incredible outside


Dinant is in Belgium. I guess they think it’s hot there when it’s over 80 degrees.


Where I live / work in SF got to 72 yesterday afternoon, while 20 miles south of here in San Mateo (where I usually go for my weekly Pokémon Go fix) it was 92 and should approach 100 today.




Almost what I would call ‘Texas hot’ … (damn, indeed, … very few places with air conditioning)


You know for like 500 bucks you can get you a Personal AC system


I work in Delft. We hit 41*C. The asvalt even started to get soft. I have no problems with this temperature. I actually like this. But I’m :crazy_face:


Seen buses sink up to their axles in asphalt parking lots under such conditions, @MrHeineken88.

I’d probably want to take one of those personal cooling systems around with me everywhere I went, @Cup. I wonder how much a 20-mile extension cord would add to that 500 bucks…


It reached 110F today