What is the weather like in your area?


How do you figure that when Farenheit came before Celsius? According to their wikipedia pages, Farenheit came in 1724, and Celsius (Centigrade) in 1743. And Kelvin in 1848.

Edit: Oh, but you say it’s that way “these days” … Not sure what you’re trying to say there.


Delft was ending up with 24-26 °C.


Celcius and Fahrenheit both using the degree symbol “°”. Kelvin does not.

0 °C
32 °F
273,15 K


I could go deeper in to it if you like :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thunderstorms coming our way @Brobraam


Am i glad that i have to be at school at eight today


Most likely I’m asleep by then. Just got home from my 12 hour nightshift :yum:

Edit: the rain is here already(07:50 am), no thunder yet.

Edit: The first runner is there. (07:52) now just waiting for the flashes to show up.

Edit: (08:00) Hmm :thinking: there must be a downburst nearby. The bedroomcurtains almost got sucked out of the window.(Got screens though)

Edit: (8:08) disappointed, just one flash. (08:10) a bonus flash 6km from here. It’s kind of over. :disappointed:


That same storm will show up here in approx 1 hour, I hope it will be better than it was at your place, I really like thunderstorms

too bad, wasn’t much :frowning:


The sky is somewhat clear now



HDR photo?


yup, have a sony xperia zx3 since a month now. Makes incredible photos


We’ll get a heat wave this week



The lifegurd stations send messages out for reinforcements. With the expected heat, that will give problems. Especially because the seawater is not that high yet and the coast changed last winter due to storms. At high tide people need to walk more to get deeper water. Those combinations are trouble waiting to happen.

And the expected temperatures give a high risk for overheating and heart problems.


Ok so our arena Will be crowded with everyone going to beaches


We are going to beach in August


The beach is <10 km form my home


I’m 150 miles from the beach.


I absolutely love the heat. As long as i stay hydrated ill be fine