What is the weather like in your area?


Disney Land Paris :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That DLP Disneyland Paris


:no_mouth::astonished: Wow; that place is still open for business? I coulda sworn there were news reports in the U.S media (just a few years after it first opened) that it was closing due to unexpectedly low interest among European consumers.

Thanks for the info, @MrHeineken88 (and the confirmation, @Brobraam) .


It is still up and runnign. It is getting a huge expansion on star wars and marvel in the second park though

Back in Holland, it rained all day


Ah, I see it came dangerously close to failure in its first 3 years (for several reasons, just one of which was low attendance that was largely due to economic recession), but then made a dramatic turnaround to become the success that had been expected.

The latter part of the story didn’t get nearly as much press over here as the other.


It is expanded big in 2002 with the studio part. If you count the studio and theme park together, it is the biggest in Europe.

If you only count the theme park, then Europapark in Germany is the biggest.

And yes it had is bad years. there own mistakes came to bite. Ridiculous high prices(in a bad economy) and much more. To high cost. 10% of the income did directly go to Walt Disney when it started. Reason, it is not owned by WD in the beginning.


Going to grill outside tonight


HOT again. Only about 35° C today, unlike the 41° C we had yesterday; but still mighty uncomfortable. And even indoors my phone is overheating. Ugh.

These conditions were tolerable in Nebraska or Texas, since most places have air conditioning. But with the temps rarely exceeding 26° C here, almost no places have it.


Heat wave atm in southern BC


Celsius makes no sense to me. You say it’s hot, but the numbers look cold.


I think 4°F is 1°C


It’s raining heavily. Our android app development company india is fully under water. We are suffering great loss of property.




I think the entire globe Should use Kelvin instead of Celsius or Fahrenheit.


I can’t even pronounce your language but it is still cool.


Kelvin and Celsius are basically the same yardstick, just shifted by a constant (273.15). Fahrenheit is different because it requires a multiply or divide and a constant.


Yeah that sounded like a science lecture…


But the Fahrenheit depends on Celsius these days. Celsius depends on kelvin


All this doesn’t matter, the important is that you understand what the other is saying.

It’s a scale, and you have learned what representation has your feeling of “cold”. 10 Degrees Celcius? 50 degrees Fahrenheit? It’s only the name. The important is that we understand what we are talking about.