What is the weather like in your area?


Been horrible. Snow, ice. Wind blowing more snow around. :scream:


It actually is kind of spring here. 10°C, averaging on 11 upcoming week. Partly cloudy. I like it.


Stupid rainy weather that won’t give lotad is raging here


It’s raining today, but it does not boost Lotad spawn too much, only caught one today, the pink Pokémon mainly take over the spawns



The past two days were nice and sunny and your day was cold as all hell and Wendy


Did it rain burgers? :joy:


Damn speak and spell on the phone always puts what it feels like putting but no sadly it did not lol



It is sunny, cold wind, but not to bad with 10*C.


Im from new york and right now theres nothin but snow but it helped catch enough magnimites to evolve it which i think was cool.



The first time ever:




Here it is foggy as wellimage


Its windy in nyc right now couldnt stand outside for too long was able to update though wonder whats in this update



Last 5 days have climbed gradually from 35 C up to 39 C yesterday. Today is expected to get to 41 C.
Far to hot for Raiding and even when the Sun goes down it’s stinking hot.


Only got to 39 C Saturday
Midnight now and it’s still 28 C


And we are supposed to get snow again tomorrow…