What is the weather like in your area?


It’s raining again today


Today was a snowing day :snowflake:



Very windy, strong gusts, rain and hail…


Same here, 20 km’s further. I am in Pijnacker now


The sun is back, rain and hail are gone. The big spots on the rainradar are too. But there might be some forming later on. The air is very unstable.


On my way back from peijnacker there was a lot of wind and rain… and we were biking


Today was so sunny. No clouds. I have a warm backyard. It’s somewhat enclosed. Without wind it can get 5 to 10 °C hotter than outside the gate. Today was such a day. It was 25°C and 30 °C in my backyard.
I even got sunburned. That never happens so early. :man_facepalming:


Do you mean, “Today was such a hot day”?


Nope. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Right now, Colorado is in its normal spring upheaval of weather with fluctuating temperature, rain and snow on occasion; it’s made spawns quite interesting.


Raining 240 liters/m2 in the last 12 hours…


Warmest Easter in many a years with a few days into the 30 degrees C.
Generally we have rain day(s) over Easter making it much more fun for Easter campers which is a common family ritual for many.


The last few days it was around 25 °C. Really high for the time of the year. Yesterday the rain came and today it is back to normal. It’s somewhere between 14 °C & 18 °C.


Here it has been 20-27 degrees Celsius all week




m2 = squaremeter
liter = litre = volume of liquid
1000 Litres are 1 cubicmeter

So 240 litres give 24 centimeter of water in every squaremeter


Im just confused by the unit, never seen litre(or m³)/m² used to measure rain, usually its simply in mm


Metric = logical


I know