What is the weather like in your area?


Not to cold, gray, dry but very windy.

When walking outside for a minute or 10 I look like a sheep :sheep:.


i think this is my most popular topic


it’s cold out and I got to clean Frac tanks not fun



Man it sucks where you’re at compare to you and most of people on here it sounds like I’m bitching about nothing


Yesterday it was good, sunny, not to cold, just very windy. But great catching weather. Caught 115 Pokemon.

To day is wet, few degrees colder and gray.



Shower today



That’s not that cold for me though…
(Also @bobbyjack8 where you live it seems like it snows a lot)


I live in eastern panhandle of West Virgina but work in Maryland.


It’s 39 degrees Farenheight here in Calabasas, California.


It’s 55 here its nice


33 here



It’s 65 and sunny here beautiful day thinking about going fishing


I’m at work, so I don’t really care that it is raining here. It is freezing rain at home so my kids got out of school again.


Did you go fishing today after all? Hope you caught a great day, and maybe a few fish, to boot. (No actual boots, though.)


No I did not go went to the lake though walked around then came back to town and just drove around taking gyms


this is the gym at the lake the place is called Palmetto State Park it’s about 8 minutes out of town