What features should come to Pokémon GO?

Talk about what features could dramatically change the life of Pokémon GO.

International trading

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Here’s a link to an old poll

GTS or wonder trade in Pokemon go.

I loved using that in AlphaSapphire. Not sure though how it would be implemented.

But that is international trading as well ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Wonder Trade would be awesome. There’s a system for it in Pokemon Home as well, so it really wouldn’t be much of a stretch, I’d say.

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Could you tell a little bit more about what it is?

You select a Pokemon to trade, and you trade it with someone else’s selected Pokemon, only you can’t know who you’re trading with nor what you’ll get

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Huh, then you put only not so valued pokémon, or you have to be very trusty.
Imagine you put a Tyranitar and get a Fletchling…

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Or regionals to help others out

I’d like to see a notification pop up when trainers leave a Raid and Lobby so you don’t proceed when all have left.


I would like a rifle or a Pokeball with spikes, so I could withdraw the Rocket-Globe from the sky. I hate to see the shadow in the ground…


I would love to be able to set for each item in backpack max. number above which new items would be ignored. So if I would set for example 0 for all potions except Max - I would not get any of them from stops or gifts - they would be automatically thrown away.


I would like to be able to organize the pre-set search option, i.e. move them around in your favor and delete the ones you don’t want

Instead of just throwing away items such as Pokéballs, Revives e.t.c. give us stardust for each item instead. Of course the amount of stardust should be consistent with the items rarity. Ultraballs gives more stardust per item compared to regular Pokéballs for example.
It feels like we get more and more things to spend stardust on, but the ways to earn it doesn’t increase in the same rate. This could be a step.


Not sure if I’ve already mentioned but I’d like to be able to lock the Purify and Power Up buttons to prevent inadvertently using.
I ruined my L46 Shadow Machamp by hitting Purify instead of the Power Up button.
I’ve also ruined a PvP Swampert by mistakenly Powering it up.


Maybe something like the effect of the favourite button, when you can´t send them to the profesor.

Possibility to amend (+1 or -1) IV stats.
It should not be cheap - like first use 100k dust or 100 rare candies and each following 2x more expensive then the previous one - or maybe by using an item from shop?.. potentially could bring balance for new players who would have a chance to catch up with old veterans holding already perfect IV…