New items in Pokemon GO (poll and discussion)



Which new items should be added in Pokemon GO? Choose up to 7 items.

  • another infinite incubator
  • lucky raid pass
  • silver/golden pinap berry
  • golden nanab berry
  • bluk berry
  • wepar berry
  • master ball
  • evolution stones
  • IV boost item
  • shiny charm
  • new type of incense
  • new type of lure module
  • new type of ball
  • other (write in the comments)

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I’m glad that so many of you like my idea of a Lucky Raid Pass. Thank you!


What are those berries for?


XP and Stardust


I think our game need some fresh wind so to speak ,I think every month or every 3 or few months they need realease new items, give us a fresh spirit, also give us a item to convert advanced balls to red, I always end up stuck with hundreds of blue and ultra balls, but no red because go plus.


Gotta love a Masterball


This topic has 158 views but only 21 voters. Why don’t people vote more? :confused: :man_shrugging:


They just look at topic and leave.


I have not voted because I don’t know exactly what each of the berries above is for, their function


Bulk and weaper give more xp and stardust.


Thanks, my votes are similar to others :grinning:




Vote now so that I can email this to Niantic for them to see what we want!


To all of you who viewed this poll but didn’t vote: What are you waiting for?! Don’t make me send Team Rocket to get you!


Haha haha you look awesome in that photo!


Hey, @Branebs, we are in that photo together! :grin:


Yes! I wrote a post about Jessie.


258 views, only 22 voters. Who views the poll, but doesn’t vote? We need your opinion. I want to inform Niantic about this, but the number of voters is ridiculous. Let’s get to 50, shall we?


My answer and make poll has thousands of views but only 60 poll voters


At least it’s more than 22.