New items in Pokemon GO (poll and discussion)



Yes after months of activity, yes. :grin:


I think some people are afraid to express their opinion because this is public poll and everyone can see what they voted for.


@Punica and @Luna_Kit when you get the time please vote.


New voters are welcome :smiley:


Question: what are lucky raid passes?


It’s @Branebs idea, it basically makes a raid last for the time that it’s there


I still don’t really understand :thinking:


So if a raid has 25 minutes left it’ll last for 25 minutes


So you can do it again?


No, it lasts until the raid is gone.


So you can do it again in the time it has left?




Oh, is it like an ex pass but not for Mewtwo?


And exists for a limited time only?


It’s basically (supposed to) be as rare as a evo item


So you get a limited time pass from spinning a stop, I understand why it’s rare


Not limited time though




It’ll last until the raid leaves


Do you have to use it for that raid?