New items in Pokemon GO (poll and discussion)





@SnivyStar just read this: Lucky Raid Pass - a new item that could solve raid problems for solo and rural players (idea)


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Yeah, I’m not good at explaining things so…


Niantic added Silver Pinap berry in the game! Now is the time for a Lucky Raid Pass!


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Didn’t notice the poll before; just voted, but subsequently thought of my top ‘wish list’ items:

  1. a ‘stretch’ pass per day that lasts 10 or 20 minutes, which extends the reach of my trainer’s range radius by somewhere between 1 and 6 feet; award it in the first pokestop spin of the day if the trainer’s item bag doesn’t already have one

  2. something to give some control to the player when using fast-TM or charged-TM. (I’ve wasted many of my TMs on pokemon who had a poor move with two other possibilities, one better one worse, having the first TM give the worst move and having the second TM go right back to the blah move I had to begin with.)


They should just let you choose the move for the pokemon, not randomize it.


The thing is that if you have the middle-level charge move, then you would seriously consider whether to change it due to the rarity of charge TM, you might get lucky and get the best move in one shot, or waste more charge TM to get the best mov.


For the TMs I’ve used (about 20), I only ever got a better move if all the other moves were better than the one I currently had. Every TM gave me the worst of the possible changes. So I’m only using TM if I currently have the worst move and can only get better.

[a few days later]

For some unknown reason I felt a surge of optimism this morning, thinking the game CAN’T keep giving the worst option of the new moves EVERY time, so maybe if I try again I’ll get the best one (or even the second-worst possible move)… So I tried a fast TM and a charge TM…

First got the worst possible among the move changes. Again. A-A-And the second got the worst, too.

I hope others get better than the game’s giving me on this. (I guess… The thought that the absolute futility for TMs that I’m seeing might be uniquely mine among all players isn’t exactly consoling.)


I see some new faces and some returning to the forum after a while. So, if you haven’t seen my poll, feel free to check it out and vote (all the way up there :arrow_up:). Thank you :smile:


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In which game are they about XP and stardust? The pokemon wiki describes both in terms of features that don’t exist in pokemon go (at least not yet):

Bluk Berries are a type of berry introduced in Generation III. When eaten they have no effect, but can also be used as ingredients for Poffins and PokéBlocks.


Wepear Berry is a type of Berry introduced in Generation III. The berry has both sour and bitter taste and seems to promote digestion.

That notwithstanding, I like the function you described better. I’d hate to think that we had to worry about tedious minutiae like DIGESTION in this game!