New items in Pokemon GO (poll and discussion)



I know that in pokemon games they don’t have the same functions. But Pokemon go is COMPLETELY different. So assumed that one would be xp, and one for stardust. There also might have been a hint in the code :wink:. But its safe to assume that is what they are, what else could they be?


Not having access to code hints I just looked for what was already real for a clue. What you described sounds more plausible, though.


Waiting for 40th voter.
P.S. For new voters - if you don’t know what some of the items are used for (for example Lucky Raid Pass or Bluk berry) just write the question in the comments and there will always be someone to answer it.


I voted a couple of days ago. I based my votes on how the items were described in the discussion here. I realised I don’t know what was meant exactly with the shiny charm, but I guessed something that attracts shinies or makes pokemon more likely to be shiny. I was thinking something similar could be with new type of incence or lure. They would attract more shinies or unusual pokemon or something along those lines. And I saw somewhere speculations that they could attract certain type of pokemon. It would be cool to have one that attracts something that normally spawns less around you.


Some means of boosting a pokemon’s IV, ideally permanently but maybe temporarily.


Wow, 42 voters! Can we get to 50? (consider it a challenge)


Top 5 things we want in Pokemon GO:

  1. IV boost item
  2. Shiny charm
  3. Another infinite incubator
  4. Master ball
  5. Lucky Raid Pass


Thats what you want…


That’s what 43 players who voted in my poll want.


Yes,but not everyone voted…:wink::wink:


Yes, but you voted and so did 41 other voters besides me, so how can the results of the poll be my wishes? If I was asked, I’d put Lucky Raid Pass in the first place.


Since I declared here a month ago that every TM changer I used changed to the worst possible of the different moves, I thought I should note that I finally had a Fast TM change my move to the better of the two options today. Either somebody fixed a bug, or I finally had probabilities break in my favor.

Still, I wish the TM changers allowed us to choose the new move. It seems to me the rarity of those items should limit the negative impact on competitiveness of having all changes be improvements.


Yes, I have only gotten 5 charge tms this year and just used one on Machamp, and of course I got close combat.


I don’t have a lot of CTMs theyre hard to get


So hard for me, no gyms nearby


I voted for Masterball, Lucky Raid Pass, and another Incubator.


I used 2 CTM to change my newly evolved Dragonite with Hyper Beam to Outrage


We recently got silver pinap berry. What do you think we’re going to get next? And when?


Golden Pinap or Silver nanab lol


They should give us good stuff like Lucky Raid Pass, Master Ball, IV boost item…