New items in Pokemon GO (poll and discussion)



OMG 49 voters! One more and my goal to have 50 voters will be fulfilled!

  • Golden pinap
  • Golden nanab
  • Bronze razz
  • silver razz

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  • Golden pinap
  • Golden nanab
  • Silver razz
  • Bronze razz

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@Lingyujie you should write what the purpose of each berry is so that people know what to vote for. I get the golden nanab berry, but why do we need bronze razz berry?


Bronze razz make it harder to run away
Golden nanab make it don’t move at all
Golden pinap make you get 12 candy
Silver razz is a razz and pinap combined together




Achievements? Why, if I may ask? We already have medals and quests…


For friends things though…it would be cool if we could interact with our friends …


or like a map…that shows pokestops n gyms without running around …just pop it up.


Huh? Elaborate?


We got silver pinap berry and Sinnoh stone. What’s the next thing we could/should get from Niantic?


A new berry is definetly coming, new items for pvp possibly also


Amen to that. I became friends with a guy in the game who had never even seen an Electabuzz and longed to have one and I told him he was welcome to one of the four I had. Haven’t run into him since we became ‘great friends’ and a trade became affordable.

I suppose Niantic might have decided not to get into the business of competing with established, general-purpose social networking sites/apps.


I’d love a Golden Pinap that triples candy and doubles catch rate (so Golden Razz + Better Pinap)


I have yet to use a silver berry because I’m not sure what it will do.


If the game allowed us to stack berries, not only would it be easier to understand but also to manage/control the desired outcome. One pineap doubles candy, two triples it, three quadruples it, etc. It would provide a built-in mechanism to diminish returns (fifteen pineaps would only multiply by sixteen, so each extra would have slightly less impact than the last; while if you doubled for each, it would be powers of 2, and exponential growth is HUGE). So two pineaps a nanab, and three razzes would allow a little bit of stillness, a lot of extra candy, and a whole bunch of extra capture rate.

Kind of like the way we can use both a star piece AND a lucky egg at the same time… why shouldn’t both a razz and a nanab be permitted?

Admittedly this would blur the distinction between razzes and different grades of ball, as a great ball is supposed to have higher capture rate than a regular one, and an ultra ball still more than the others. But that blurring already exists to some extent between berries and balls.


So three golden razzies, 82 Pinaps and I have a maxed out legendary


Sounds great to me!

Ok, so the idea probably needs some arbitrary limits to be reasonable. Even if it were limited to one of each berry type it could be rather flexible and quite practical.


I’ve used 8 and I like the results.


Should I use one on next raid I do?