New items in Pokemon GO (poll and discussion)



But no use on weak mons.


I would love for there to be a way to get more Silver Pine apps


I voted IV stat boost


There’s a new quest that gives you 3 Silver Pinap berries for powering up Pokemon 10 times.


Just did this too


Right now there’s a quest which gives you 5 Silver Pinap for spinning 10 Stops or Gyms. Get a stack of these quests and do them all at once and swim in the berries.


It took me so long to complete the hatch 5 eggs for 3 rate candies. Worth it tho! … kinda


Here’s my thinking:

While a Master Ball would be amazing–not to mention there’s an unused asset for it in the codes–it’s use in the game is not that practical since it diminishes the challenge of catching Legendaries. NOW, I do think they should instead use it in the Mythical encounters like in Mew or Celebi from the Special Research quest. It would make it a little more special and on top of that, it would get rid of this weird 3 balls to catch thing.

A Golden/Silver Nanab Berry would be sweet because it would potentially be more useful in Raid Bosses because I can see it being used to calm the beast down and give it a catch boost, probably to the degree of the Silver Pinap berry. It would make Nanab Berries more useful.

I spoke of this in another thread, but introducing the Bottle Cap or Golden Bottle Cap would be sweet. Still have the limitation of using it at maxed out Pokemon, which would encourage more strategy in leveling up Pokemon. It would have to be very rare though.

Introducing more balls would be pretty sweet too. The Quick Ball that only works on the very first throw would be amazing. It would make the Nanab Berry more significant. Having a festive Safari Ball at special events like GO Fest would be pretty sweet. Net Balls for the yearly Water Festival would be cool as well. There is a Dusk Ball as well, but hunting Pokemon at night can be perilous, so I’d rather not encourage that.

Those are my thoughts.


Using Master Ball on mythicals would require either a scripted throw or unlimited Master Balls
I dont see whats the problem with its standard use

Nanabs would still be completely inferior to golden Razz


You wouldn’t use them, that’s fair. Doesn’t mean others wouldn’t.

I can see why many people would want to calm the Pokemon down WHILE increasing the catch rate. Some Pokemon, Heatran right now is an excellent example, move around so much that they want to keep it still but also want to increase the catch rate.


There is no reason to calm them down when it means lowering the ctachrate
If anything, this would discourage people from learning how to throw pokeballs properly while not offering as high catchrate

And whats the problem with Master Ball?


Wow. Nice ideas on the balls.
I guess nanab berry WOULD be better with quick ball , but still, lets face it, wouldn’t you rather just dump them into gyms?
I do think that it is one of the ways to fix the berry however.

Next, the net ball.
That would be great for us AND niantic.
We could have them be only in the game from gifts, like 5 %, and stops a little bit more common, and on a sale in the shop, from boxes and like a 20 net ball for 80 coin sale.

A event ball would be nice.
Anything that encourages events is good for niantic.

That’s it for today. Cya


Who said anything about lowering the catch rate? I’m talking about boosting the catch rate. It would allow them to practice their Curveballs while not robbing themselves of boosted chance of a catch due to their unfamiliarity of the Pokemon. You might want to stop using your own preconceptions of play and expect that’s how everyone else plays, because that’s how it’s coming across. It’s very presumptuous, on top of factually incorrect.


If you choose to go for a Golden Nanab instead of Golden Razz, you end up with a worse catchrate with no benefit
Locking the ring is the only way to consistently land excellents without getting stupidly lucky or spamming it with Nanabs
Its the “best” way, regardless of how you look at it, nothing factually incorrect about it