What features should come to Pokémon GO?

Also, ability to view the level of our Pokémon without other apps.

And a little more friend history info, like

  • what their previous names were (to identify after somebody changes their game name), and
  • a date when we became friends (to help decide which friends to drop when clearing space on our list for new friends). [of course, neither of those is really necessary if we actually know our friends enough to have a way to communicate with them outside of the game…]

This sounds like a great idea although it would have to involve a public friending system in order to trade as the current system only allows you to do so with friends

I feel that some features that should be added is a public friending system, as current circumstances don’t really allow us to interact in public. The friending system would allow you to friend anyone without the need for a code or would allow to post your code publicly, like on a discord.

The guy in this video has some interesting ideas, but you should also read the comments cause there are some brilliant ideas there.

  1. Ability to change default ball when an encounter starts.
  2. The friend system needs an overhaul/ way to make meeting local trainers easier. Maybe an option to locally broadcast code or to send friend request to people in gyms.
  3. A way to view all of your candy amounts and types independant of pokemon. (for example If I transfer all of my squirtles, I should be able to see how much squirtle candy I have somehow)