User appreciation


Dont know each 3 of them…




Thanks to everyone here for keeping the forum and the game alive, even when there aren’t updates.


@Mapman42 And @Kevin_v_Hoften for liking my posts, 250 times each!


Thank you @Pokemon for discussing with me here.
Thanks to everyone here for keeping the forum and the game alive and active each day


Thanks @Kevin_v_Hoften and @Pokemon dor heping me reach 1k likes with almost not participating in cahalkenges


@coolguy761 for being a aweosome user.
@Cup for being amazing.


Thank you @Pokemon I appreciate that and appreciate you too 4 being cool


@SnivyStar is amazing


Am I good now?


@Kevin_v_Hoften for posting in my newest challenge


Thanks! :grin::+1:


@Kevin_v_Hoften for hoarding just as many Golden Razz Berries as me :smile::wink::laughing:


@KingQ07 for making an Amazing challenge


Thanks to @Everyone for making this forum bigger,making this such a nice place.thanks @everyone!


Thanks almost @Everyone!


@KingQ07 for being on hub with me since I started and talking to me alot.


I would like to thank all of you for supporting my ideas, especially @Pokemon who sent an email to Niantic about Lucky Raid Passes and who become my first friend in Pokemon GO from this forum. Also big thanks to @Mapman42, @Mew1, @alex9945, @Kevin_v_Hoften and @Birdstar for liking my posts.


Thanks goes to @Branebs . He is really funny and a awesome meowth. Also a really good player! :wink:


Thank you @Branebs, you indeed have a great idea about lucky raid pass