User appreciation


Post any user you appreciate and want to thank.

I would like to thank @Necrozmadabest and @Robdebobrob. We debate well and our ideas sometimes collide but i respect what they always post since it has logic behind it.

This isn’t for votes or likes. Simple @ a person who has made your forum experience more up lifting, helped you, or anything else.

Cheers yall.

P.S can always add more people to thank so don’t feel left out if your not thanked before someone and vice versa.

Spread the positivity trainers!!

Thanks to @Lingyujie

@Jormdeworm and @Necrozmadabest


Probably everyone on this forum for making it such a great place




@KingQ07 @5GodLink @Robdebobrob
Thank you guys for making GO fun online even outside of my local group


@simmy for asking us for advice as a new player, and the rest of the community for giving him serious answers to what a lot of us take for granted.


Same. Im always readu to help you @simmy ! And also thanks to @Pokemon


Thanks to @simmy for being cool, @KingQ07 for liking my posts, @NotanotherKangaskhan for making me feel jealous of how many pokemon he has caught , @Necrozmadabest for prooviding me with inpiration for the future (because of how Necrozma will come in like 5 years, @JoshHack for being my best Go Hub friend (maybe one way I guess), @Jormdeworm (for saying funny things like Jormedewurmple! , @alex9945 for supporting me on how lapras is the best pokemon, @Elevatorisbest for having a name that is irrevalent ( Is Elevator the best?)


, @Alaskabear41( For making the forum exciting, @Robdebobrob for being there for me (I guess) and having a name that I can’t pronounce, @5GodLink for making this forum and posting on others, and @blue_pikachu for being a BLUE PIKACHU!


thank you


shoutout to KingQ07


your awesome


Tip: if you want to make sure that player sees you type an @ before it
Example: @blue_pikachu


thank for the help


There are many people to say ‘Thanks’ to via this topic, but I prefer choosing 5 people (for now?).

My first and second ‘Thanks’ go out to @Thorend and @JoshHack for always closing topics when I ask. I really appreciate that. (Of course I can understand it when it’s not needed to close, but then I don’t ask to close it.)

The 3rd and 4th ‘Thanks’ go out to @Punica & @Robdebobrob for helping me with the EX raids. Maybe I can finally get my Mewtwo now I know that…

The fifth one goes out to @KingQ07 for giving me so much likes and always being so nice to me.

And for this, of course.

But again: There are much more people to say ‘Thanks’ to, but I wanted to say it to these people (maybe for now).


If you need help with anything(except breakpoints) you can always ask me!


@joshhack for getting through hard times
@Stridey10 for go hub articles


Lol, why yourself😆


Well,thanks to @Everyone for making forums,helping each other and making GO hub fun😀

[Regional] Dutch Pokémon GO player chat

@Thorend and @bagguille for keeping the forum alive!