User appreciation


@5GodLink for all the bomb topics i make. :smiling_imp:


@5GodLink for his selfconfidence :stuck_out_tongue:


I dont do these alot, but shoutout to @JoshHack in this time of despair with all these “add me as friend” topics :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for keeping us safe :wink:


I want to thank all @moderators because of always split and merge add me as friend topics :smiley:. Thanks for doing these things so fast​:wink::wink:


I would like to thank @SnivyStar for always being friendly and stuff.


Oh, thanks! :blush:


Thanks to everyone for making this forum great :star:


I give thanks to mainly @KingQ07 , @Jormdeworm , who made me want to join the forum in the first place after reading their posts and fun ideas. but yeah, thanks to @everyone too!


The first,Second and 3th goes out to @KingQ07 @Brobraam and @Jormdeworm for always liking my posts and being nice to me.
The 4th and 5th goes out to @bagguille @Mapman42 for making go hub articles.
The 6th goes out to @apavlinovic for opening thw forums.
The 7th and 8th goes out to @Thorend and @JoshHack for moderating so well.
The 9th and 10th will go out to @Robdebobrob and @Punica for helping me with EX raid cells .


I’m thankful for the existence of this forum, and for the resource it’s been for learning how others handle the issues I tend to run across in game play.

Particular thanks to the expert players who have shown patience with both newbies and casual players.


Thanks to:
@Kevin_v_Hoften The other ralts lover
@Jormdeworm and @Brobraam the other dutch guys
@pokemon the nice guy
@Necrozmadabest for his good ideas and for helping me


I’d like to say thanks to all the newcomers that put their trainer codes in the friend code megathread instead of posting it just somewhere.


Thanks! You convinced @Kevin_v_Hoften to switch his profile picture to a shiny ralts when you posted one.


And im 11th yay.


@5GodLink for being a king.


Thats nice of you…


I’ve muted that topic😝


What topic this one?


Thanks for being the only person who appreciated me @KingQ07


Oh, because you can still see the duplicate topics! I get it now… I will do the same but how do you mute again?