User appreciation


How do you mute.


Just scroll down until you see ‘Tracking’, and then set it to muted.


Btw you and @Mapman42 are now tied for 105 likes on my posts!


I want to thank @Pokemon for always being friendly and funny.


Bagguile makes Pokémon GO hub articles?


No, I don’t do this. I only put a link to the original article.


He said for making go hub articles


I can’t say why oyhers write this…


Me too. The first topic I’ve ever needed to mute. I was very quick to do that when it was started.


@Kevin_v_Hoften for being one of the most active go hub users, and being great at everything! (And for getting a 100IV registeel):joy:


I want to thank @Kevin_v_Hoften for liking basically all my posts😂


@everyone who doesnt like spam me


And @Kevin_v_Hoften even if he likes spams me




Just want to thank all users here, both new and old, who contribute to help the forums become both informative and fun to be on


I want to thank @JoshHack for being an Amazing Moderator and Moderating so good.


And congrats to your 1k likes recived @JoshHack!


That’s what I call a good one.


@IAm001 , @coolguy761 and @alex9945 for joining the Lapras Club


Which is very confusing… :sweat_smile: