User appreciation


@5GodLink. Amazing guy awesome friend and really good Pokemon go trainer.


@Brobraam. He encouraged me to learn some Dutch, is really nice :grin:, and gave me an Alolan Vulpix.


I really want an alolan Vulpix :joy:


I have 2 I can give you the one I got from you…


@everyone for making the forum great

Question regarding this post, did literally every member receive a message on this website?


No, I didn’t receive the message. So you can’t send a message to everyone on the forum.


@Mew1 is amazing. Really good at Pokemon go, really good person! :grin:


oh, you make my day, thank you very much @Pokemon


No prob, awesome users deserve thanks. And you are one of those people :wink:


I can also help you to learn some more if you want


Sure! :grin:


PM me in 2 days im on vacation


Thanks to all I’ve had a lot of questions I got a lot of answers from everyone


Including @discobot


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


What are you


Hes a bot :stuck_out_tongue:


This is how skynet starts first thay help us then … it’s to late right @discobot


And now on topic please.


Sorry had to have a Lil fun