Totodile CDay



Hi to all. I just wanted to see how well you guys did for Totodile Community day? Well, my response is that it went well with 4 shinies found. I evolved 2 all the way up to Feraligatr and I didnt get the special move in the 3 hour duration. Is it a bug or something happened?


Was so so for me 1 shiny and about 89 Totodile


Did you evolve it during the Community day hours (or 1 hour after) or did you evolve the ones you caught during community day hours AFTER the Community day hours + 1 hour was done?
Normally this shouldnt happen obviously.

Just to be very very sure you did it right please answer these questions:

  1. At what time was Community day for you?
  2. At what time did you evolve the Croconaw to Ferligator?

If you are sure that you did it right, you could try to contact Niantic support. Im not sure they can do anything for you but it cant hurt.


Yes both the ones I evolved got Hydro Cannon.


My first totodile is shiny, my third too and my 10th too I am happy



17 TOTOl shinies (get it) but the best was a 91 shiny and 96 non shiny. Both are small enough to be able to battle in great league after evolving to HC Feraligatr :yum:


GPS error


That happened to you too?


I got Some weird stuff too yeah

Non-cd quests for example


And this as Well after a heatran raid


What was that? And did you actually get those 200 Candy?


No he said it gave regualar xp stardust candy