Totodile CD: A important one



Have 100 and 98 kyogre so guess I’m lucky…


Pikachu was January 20. Cyndaquil was November. We had recap of previous 11 this December. We will get non starter this January, and Totadile in February.


Preach it!!


And Pikachu isnt a starter?
Besides, by your logic we shouldnt have got Bulba in March but in February


Pikachu is a weird case…they also kind of broke the pattern with eevee as well.
My bets are still on toto not being in january


Yeah, after recap month, they will want something exciting, and that will not be Totodile.


Totodile is exciting…


It would have been good if they replaced eevee with bagon in august and got eevee in jan


Yeah and if they gave glaceon and leafeon for this event it would be way better
Totally agree with you!


@Luke @bobbyjack8 @Mew1 if not totodile what do you think it will be?


Ralts or bagon probably


I already see Totodiles every where


I haven’t seen one since the water festival.
Even when I go to the SMP, it’s all squirtle and dratini, very few totodile.


Dratini?? I only get Torchics, Chinchou, Venonat


Totodile confirmed


Totodile will be the CD of January. On January, 12 we can find a shiny Totodile and Feraligator will get a special move.


Hydro Cannon to be exact


They are going off pattern :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:




Is gambling against go hub’s tos?