Totodile CD: A important one



Pattern would show that since last starter was 2 months ago, it would go back to starter.

But yes, it could be February :flushed:.


My best Crocanaw is 93 from raid a while back. I seldom put water type to gyms but use them to put out fire type


My Kyogre already took his spot but even then I would prefer either my Roserade, Venusaur or Gyarados


Same…with 3 90+ iv kyogre…and with the addition of double charge movesets…I think that toto will be kind of overshadowed


Id bet money that jan is not toto


November was Cyndiquil. You can’t count December because it was a recap. So we are due for a non starter in January. Feburary will be Totadile.


Lets see.
I’m not saying anything, not taking sides wink.


@bobbyjack8 knows whats up


Have your read the book “Taking Sides”??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Where’s the announcement ? :sweat_smile:


On cd??



  • Jan will be totodile
  • It won’t

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I think if it will not be Totodile, then there won’t be a Community Day.


Usually, according to the past, comm day would be this coming sat or sunday…so I wouldnt expect an announcement until next tues or wed


$10 USD says that it isnt totodile


Your going down :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


No u


I had no finals today b/c my 3rd and 4th hours didn’t have midterms…worked well because I had to go to my uncles funeral.
2 exams tomorrow and one wednesday and then its grind time


U savage…on pogohub during school