Totodile CD: A important one



Totodile cd is destined for January, and it will be special. When Feriligator with Hydro Cannon comes out, it will be the second best water type in dps, falling short to only Kyogre. Make sure you get a strong one, unless you have tons of high IV kyogre.

I’ve posted this link before, but here is is:


Also kyogre won’t come again for some time, its shiny form has already been released.


@UltraInstinct841 you hyped?


Feraligatr has low Defense


`Stamina means nothing - look at blissey’s defense


I won’t be leaving Feraligator defending any gyms. I’ll be using him to take them down.


Same. My humor is waiting :smiling_imp:


It would nice if I could get some great IV Totodile as they have eluded me. Chased quite a few Crocanaw Raids and got nothing over 91%, which was very frustrating. Water types seem to not like my acct as Kyogre and Suicune have been poor also.


I’m hyped. I would love even a moderately useful Feraligatr.


Same. My best is also 91%. :frowning:


My best is a 100 % :flushed:.


A majority of my 100% Pokémon are water types, but I never have to use water types.


You use ground instead?


Do you like this cd? :thinking:


Ground and rock. Lots of Rydons/Ryperiors, T-Tars, Golems and Aggrons. Yeah Totadile CD will be nice, I could use another one + a shiny one


Golem? Lol


Lol yup. People here really like to put fire types sooo Golem gets put on my recommended team quite often


In gym battles I use recommended always. What could go wrong…


How do we know for sure that toto will be jan…I would bet that it is febuary and January will be ralts or bagon…I wouldn’t consider the december mixed bag to be an official cd, so I would assume the pattern would continue with a rare 10km hatch…ralts or bagon…maybe even slakoth


Lol I mean normally I’ll put together my own team, but people here pretty much all use the same mons, and my Golem can easily take down flareon, Charizards or Houndooms, so I figure why not and I can keep my better fighters for the other defenders