Totodile CD: A important one



Can still read within 24 hrs tho @Pokemon


Lets roll dice!


I know :joy:


Snake eyes!


I mean not really, Pikachu is considered a starter. Sooo how is it going off pattern?


It’s not going off pattern because you can consider the December recap month as a non-starter month. I was hoping for something besides Totodile this month. Now we know Treecko will be in March. Which I don’t any more of except Shiny.


No, every other month has a starter, theyve been doing that the whole year


I feel that toto could have been placed in either jan of feb and wouldnt have affected the pattern…however, i feel that it was better suited in feb because the last single mon cd feature was a starter, jan should be a non-starter…such as ralts or bagon, which I am predicting for feb


Fair enough, very valid point. I think they just reset the pattern with the new year, that’s how I viewed it and how they were going to do it.


That is what I thought also


Actually dec was a starter and nonstarter cd because some of the recapped were starters
and some weren’t