The Have Whinge/Vent Thread


I’m still not over it but the final score for the event was 9 shiny gligar in a week time. No Burmy.
It sucks so hard i barely played the last 2 days, just daily spin, quest and catch. That is so not my style…


So I just read the article on how great Aura Sphere Lucario is and took the plunge with my hundo Riolu.
Gave him a second charge move and pressed ‘evolve’.
Got Counter as a fast move - and Flash Cannon/ Shadow Ball as charge moves.
TM’d Flash Cannon got Close Combat
TM’d Close Combat got Flash Cannon
TM’d Flash Cannon got Close Combat…
Gave up :triumph::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::sob:


The way the TM tends to toggle between the two least-desirable alternatives is annoying as hell, though it used to be prone to toggling until I ran out of TMs, and now it seems to toggle 2 or 3 times before a different move appears.

Your note reminded me that I had tried to TM my Lucario to Bullet Punch / Power Up Punch and ran out of TMs with it still on Close Combat. With 4 TMs to use, I tried again - got Flash Cannon … then Close Combat … then AuraSphere. (at which point I decided to count my blessings / cut my losses).


Hmm… from my understanding, maybe I am wrong, all those changes to moves will be introduced with new pvp concept some time at the begining of 2020. You sure that you can get this new move now?


Yeah, pretty sure… :wink:

I haven’t seen the old legacy moves unlocked for TM, yet; but not all of the moveset adjustments were about unlocking legacy moves. Here are the moves presently available for charge TM on Lucario:


By contrast, here are the charge move options for Mewtwo. Interesting that Shadow Ball is still not TM-able for Mewtwo, even though it is for Lucario and Gengar



So now the Buddy system requires us to use AR?

No, thanks. Not interested. I suppose that means adios to buddy candy.


After updating to the newest version, the star search, 0* 1* 2* 3*, no longer works, why something working perfectly suddenly turns out to be broken?


Okay, new one for me: i really hate it when people invite you as friend, or i invite them as friend, and then they go offline, not opening gifts, not sending gifts, nothing, ever.
Why do you post your code on this forum if you’re not gonna play?!


They allready started fixing that luckily. I allready hear signals it should be solved on the latest iOs version, but nothing yet about Android.


Some of those people had such a large response that they’ve maxed out on friends. With the 20-per-day gift opening limit, it takes at least 10 days to cycle through their list of friends, and that’s if they are fastidious about taking turns. Many of us with names towards the end of the alphabet almost never get their attention any more, because their 20-per-day limit gets reached before they reach our names in their friends list. (And while there’s no hard limit to the number of gifts you can SEND each day, I tend to wait to open gifts until I’m able to send one in return. (So friends who send but never open need to be patient – or open the doggone gift from me that they already have.)

Some of those people may also have gotten tired of the game and stopped playing. Others became friends just to satisfy their special research tasks, and never intended to get into the gifting. Lots of different scenarios for not opening or sending gifts…


I have been waiting for two and a half weeks on a reply on one submission now. Most of them only take three days. Why does this one take so long? It’s getting ridiculous now. I have submitted two more Wayspots last Tuesday I think and one became a Pokestop two hours ago and the other one just got accepted. If I still don’t have a reply end January I’m going to resubmit the location, but you’ll see that I’ll then get a reply and they say it is eligible. I know how that goes.


2500 Trades and still no 100% IV


I’m still only at 62 trades. I only do Lucky Trades. When one of my friends wants to do a trade, I say, wait until we are Lucky Friends.


I want to express my discontent over my two Wayspot nominations being rejected. :angry: But I will nominate them again later because I know they are eligible, just some reviewers couldn’t see that. I’ve seen some odd nominations being accepted and some that shouldn’t have been accepted in the first place but somehow got accepted. My nominations were rejected for foolish reasons, so next time I’ll make sure to explain why they were wrong to reject them.


Did you get mailed about the nominations being rejected?


Yes, but the reasons are ridiculous. It’s like they didn’t even read the text or looked up on Google Street View.


CFar too many are voting on emotion/personal opinion of if they like the submission or not instead of voting honestly by the selections at their disposal.
It goes like this:
I like that one, I’ll vote correctly
I don’t like that one, I’ll just give it 1*

I’m seeing chats on discord that confirm exactly this.
If the submission is strong it’s 4-5
If it fits the criteria loosely and may be weak in the honest reviewers opinion it’s 2-3.
If it’s just down right fake or wrong then and only then is a 1*.

I call them the histerical society as they think they are the gate keepers and think everything has to have some history to make the POi interesting to visit.
They are just narrow minded and fixated on one thing.


Exactly! :+1:


Up to 2800 Trades and still no 100% IV. Have had 6 Trades go 100% for the other Trainer(s) in that time.

Another Xmas gone by and still no Purple Owl.